FAQ Q252: I found a bug in Planyo.

We're all human and although we do our best to always thoroughly test each new functionality before it goes live (using manual and automated mechanisms), it may happen that we accidentally introduce a bug into the code. If it does, usually the problem is limited only to a newly introduced feature so you can simply report it to us and be sure it'll be fixed with the highest priority.

Very rarely, however, it might happen that you come across a problem which wasn't there before and which is important to your existing booking process. Other than sending us information about such problem immediately (with as many details as possible to let us reproduce it), you can also act on your own. For such cases, we have a special domain which you can use: http://arc.planyo.com/. This domain uses old application code (2 weeks old) so any potential newly introduced bugs will not be present in this version. The database used is exactly the same so you'll be working with real data on this domain. Also advanced integration can be switched to use arc.planyo.com, the file ulap.php (which you'll find in the planyo plugin directory) includes this line (it's the first line of code):
define ('USE_ARC', 0); // set this to 1 to use arc.planyo.com (archived version), or 0 for planyo.com

It's enough to set this to:
define ('USE_ARC', 1); // set this to 1 to use arc.planyo.com (archived version), or 0 for planyo.com

If your version of ulap.php doesn't have this line, please download the latest plugin from our website. In such scenario, the arc.planyo.com domain would need to be used until the problem is resolved on our end, at which time you should once again switch to using the regular planyo domain.
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