FAQ Q163: Can I import my bookings into Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCalendar?

Yes, Planyo automatically creates an iCal feed which you can use to see your bookings in your favorite calendar software. Click here for more info and your iCal feed URL.. Note that the iCal feed is cached and the refresh delay is max. 30min.

If you're looking for a 2-way full synchronization of availability between planyo and another system you can use the iCal export feature together with the iCal import extension

If you're looking for a 2-way full synchronization between two different planyo sites, see Q274.

If you're using Google Calendar, Google doesn't give you a setting that you can use to change the refresh frequency. This will result in the calendar being updated only once every 4-6 hours. If refresh delay is important to you, use Google integration instead. Click here to find out more about the Google Calendar integration.
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