FAQ Q132: How can I or my customers receive sms notifications?

First of all, please note that this option is not available in Planyo FREE.

Your account comes with 5 free SMSes that you can use to test this feature. Then you will need to purchase SMS packs in the 'My Account' tab.

To have the system send SMSes to you, you'll need to specify your mobile number in your account settings (click on your user name on top of any page while logged in). Then, you'll need to go to the notification settings page (in your settings) and specify which events should trigger sending of SMSes.

Each SMS notification can be customized by you and can include any information related to the booking. By default (except US and Canadian numbers) the SMS will come from a custom sender ID called "RESERVATION". The recipients won't be able to answer to the messages they receive.

Please note that there's a possibility of using a custom sender ID (e.g. your company name) instead of the default "RESERVATION". This will not work for US or Canadian numbers. If you'd like to register your own sender ID, please request this by opening a ticket. There's a one-time fee of CHF 200 for the manual processing of the registration request.

Please also read this tutorial for more detailed information about configuring SMS and email notifications in planyo.

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