FAQ Q194: Can I filter out resources displayed in the resource list page or change their ordering?

Yes, you can do both.

Resource filtering

To filter out resources, use the res_filter_name and res_filter_value parameters in the plugin parameters (attribute string). This will only display resources having a custom property with the name defined by res_filter_name and value defined by res_filter_value (custom properties can be added to all resources in site settings / custom resource properties, then you need to edit each resource to set the custom property values).

Please note that res_filter_name must be in the form: prop_res_xxx (all lower case, spaces replaced by underscores and with the prop_res_ prefix), e.g for the property "Number of persons", this should be e.g.: &res_filter_name=prop_res_number_of_persons&res_filter_value=3

You can try the example below. It will only list accommodations for 2 persons max:

Another way you can list only specific resources, is listing them by their IDs. To do this, add the ppp_resfilter parameter to the plugin's attribute string or to the URL, e.g.: the following attribute string: mode=resource_list&ppp_resfilter=1,2,3 will list the resources with IDs equal to 1, 2 and 3.

Resource ordering

To change the default ordering, go to Site settings and under the resource listing click on the button Reorder. This lets you change the default ordering of resources in all lists and previews. If you need the resources to be sorted according to a different criterium in one of your listings, you can also use the sort parameter in the plugin parameters (attribute string). As in case of filters, this will be in form sort=prop_res_XXX

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