FAQ Q180: Can I decide which administrative functions my resource administrators or moderators can access?

Yes, you can do this in Resource admin and moderator access permissions. You'll find this page in the site settings. Please note that by default both resource admins and moderators have access to all administrator pages. You need to specifically disable admin pages in order to limit their access. Planyo lets you create default permissions separately for the resource admins and for the moderators. On top of that you can also customize access permissions for each individual admin or moderator.

If you want to limit the access of your moderators much further (e.g. so they can only view the schedule but perhaps without the customer's email address), then you can create a customized iCal feed which will export the selected or all resources. You can then import the feed into a calendar such as Apple iCalendar or Google Calendar, or if you'd like to present this in a nice schedule view on a webpage, you can use our free service planyo.net.

Of course you can also have planyo send customized notifications to your employees so they can be updated when an important event happens. Use the BCC field for this.
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