Estensione - iCalendar import

Using this extension together with the iCal export (standard Planyo feature) you can accomplish a full 2-way synchronization with other calendar/scheduling systems. iCal is a widely used format (e.g Apple iCal, MS Outlook and Google Calendar all have iCal support).

This extension is very easy to use: you only need to specify iCal feeds (URLs) for your resources and if you have a single feed which includes other events (or a single feed for all resources) you can optionally specify a keyword which must be present in event description in order to be imported.

The import is done periodically (every 30 minutes using the subscription version; using the download version you can change this by using your own crontab).

Comprare come downloadCondizioni di vendita
CHF 23After purchasing, you'll be able to download the extension files and install them on your own server. You pay only once for the extension but a setup procedure on your server is needed and your server needs to support PHP.

You will only be charged once for the extension. You'll be able to get a refund within 30 days of purchasing the extension. The refund can be only given in form of planyo credits added to your account.
Comprare come abbonamentoCondizioni di vendita
CHF 1.9/MeseBuy monthly subscription to the extension. The extension is hosted on our servers so no installation is required. This is the easiest way to use the extension.

First month is always free of charge so you can test the extension. After the initial 30 days your planyo account will be automatically billed the monthly fee until you cancel the subscription for the extension. Your account balance must be positive in order to start the monthly trial.

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