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Finding your way around the Planyo backend
Allow customers to schedule an online Zoom meeting
Setting up the availability of your hour-based resources
Setting up the availability of your event resources
Integration with Zapier and DocuSign: Send a document signing request with prefilled data for new Planyo reservations
Integration with Make and a 3rd-party SMS service: Send an SMS to the customer when their reservation is confirmed


How to set up prices of resources
How to tell Planyo when my resources are available for rental
Configuring emails and text notifications sent by Planyo
Creating reports
Configuring the presentation of your offer and the reservation process
Configuring the availability search
How to customize the look&feel of the booking process
Administration of a Planyo account by multiple users
Step-by-step integration tutorials: Drupal | Joomla | WordPress | Weebly | Jimdo | Squarespace | Facebook

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