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ReservationStatus (version 1)

Sum of one or more of the following values (bitwise OR):
1 = reservation completed. Generally all reservations are completed except when the reservation process was not finished (e.g. required online payment missing or shopping cart not checked out). This status means that the period is reserved and unavailable for other customers
2 = user's email address has been verified.
4 = reservation confirmed (self-confirmed, e.g. with a payment or confirmed by the admin)
8 = cancelled by administrator
16 = cancelled by user
64 = fraudulent reservation
128 = conflict. Conflicts can happen if e.g. you add vacation for a period for which there already exists a reservation.
512 = reservation was cancelled automatically based on resource rules
2048 = quotation
0 = not completed

The following statuses are used when the check-in feature is enabled:
32 = client checked in
1024 = client checked out