Estensione - Google Calendar synchronization

This extension will let you do full synchronization with Google Calendar (import events from Google Calendar to Planyo and export reservations from Planyo). The events are imported as resource vacations to make sure busy periods are unavailable to other customers reserving through Planyo. The import will be automatically done twice per hour. Export is done immediately when a reservation is made or confirmed (depending on your setup).

Download version

The download version will require that you upload extension files to a directory on your own web server. Your server must have PHP support (version 5.2 or higher) and you'll need to create your own Google API key (according to the instructions in the manual, see below). You can read the details about the required steps in the setup manual here. The extension can be installed in multiple locations but a single purchase will be valid for a single planyo site only.

Advantages of the download version:

Flexibility, if using your own cron service, you can do the import more frequently than once per hour. Export will work in the same way. You can also set up the extension in different locations on your server (one per planyo resource) and connect each extension to a different google calendar account (NOTE: within a single google account you can still connect each resource to a different calendar without such tricks in both download and subscription version). You pay only once and can use the extension for as long as you like without additional fees.

Subscription version

The subscription version is much easier to set up -- the only required configuration step is determining which google calendar should be used for which planyo resource and in case of import: whether a specific text must be present in the events in order to proceed with the import or if all events should be imported. In case of export, you simply decide whether unconfirmed reservation are also exported or not.

Advantages of the subscription version:

The first month is free so you can test the extension very easily, also in case you prefer to get the download version later on. Very easy set up, only choice if you don't have your own server (or you have one without PHP support) or if you simply want to get started without hassle of going through the setup. If you need more flexibility in the future, you can cancel the subscription and purchase to the download version at any time in the future.

Comprare come abbonamentoCondizioni di vendita
CHF 3.9/MeseBuy monthly subscription to the extension. The extension is hosted on our servers so no installation is required. This is the easiest way to use the extension.

First month is always free of charge so you can test the extension. After the initial 30 days your planyo account will be automatically billed the monthly fee until you cancel the subscription for the extension. Your account balance must be positive in order to start the monthly trial.

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